Dog Boarding

One Dog - $45 a night

- $420 for the WP 10 night boarding package ($42 per night)

Two Dogs - $68 a night

- $65 a night if you buy a 10 day package for $650

Three Dogs - $82 a night

- $78 a night if you buy a 10 day package for $780

  • The Boarding Package does not expire. Payment for Packages must
    be paid up front to receive the discount.

Transportation: For Dogs Only!

Pick Up or Take Home Service (1 dog) - $9

Pick Up or Take Home Service (2 or more dogs) - $10

Overnight Care

Overnight care is provided in which your dog sleeps in a private, comfy suite complete with food dishes, toys, and bedding. Our accommodations are not what you will find in a typical caged kennel environment. We only accept a limited number of dogs in order to properly insure that they will be provided with the highest quality service possible. Your beloved pet rightfully deserves ample attention and unique special care.

During the day, the dogs will be out playing with all of the other dogs. Then their suite at night is where they can get away from it all to rest. If you would like to bring your own bedding and toys, that is fine with us, and will make it cozier for them! Please note that these items may not be returned in the same condition as what you left them in. Don't forget to bring in their food as well, separated into each meal with their name written on the bag.

Holidays and weekends book up fast, so call us today for your reservation!

If you are a new boarding client, please fill out the application and bring in up to date vaccination records. Your dog must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper Parvo (DHLPPV), and bordetella vaccinations. Also, dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. And, for your dogs safety and the safety of others, they must first come in and pass a temperament test before their reservation in order to watch for any aggression issues. This test is just like daycare, where you drop them off in the morning, they are slowly introduced to rest of the group, and we monitor their behavior until you come pick them up. This also gives you a chance to meet us and vice versa in case you have any questions and have not gotten a chance to come in and see the place as well.

Also, all pets must have a collar with a name tag as well as their rabies vaccination tag, or you may be liable for up to a $250 fine from the City of Chicago. All food must be stored in airtight containers – zipper seal bags or tupperware. Original food bags are accepted if they are resealable.


We offer picking up and taking your pet home services to our clients as well. This is great if you are running late or are out doing errands and can't make it into the store. Advance notice is required in order to correctly plan for it. In order to set this up for you, we would need two sets of spare keys for Wicker Pet to have, in case an emergency should ever arise and we would need to go get your pet. Also, you would need to provide any specific instructions as to how to enter your place, alarm codes, and how you want us leave your pet in the home, in order to stay consistent with any rules you follow.

Pick Ups generally occur between 7 AM-8:30 AM and Take Home/Drop Off Services take place between 5:30 PM-7 PM.
*transportation times may be extended due to weather conditions, service availability and schedule, and emergency situations