Day Care


Day Care Prices

One Dog - $26 a day

- $23 a day with the purchase of a 10 Day Daycare Package for $230

Two Dogs - $36 a day

- $34 a day with the purchase of 10 Day Two Dog Daycare Package for $340

  • The package never expires and we'll just check off the days as you come in.

Temperament Test Trial Day - $18 for 1st day of Daycare/$25 for 2 dogs

Transportation: For Dogs Only!

Pick Up or Take Home Service (1 dog) - $9 to $11 (based on location)

Pick Up or Take Home Service - Multiple Dogs - add $1 per dog each way

Day Care

Day care is the best value and it is a great way to keep your dog exercised and socialized. It is especially beneficial for high-energy dogs who love to play! We alternate with some dogs up front with us, some taking naps in the middle room, and some in the main back play area. We also have a backyard for going potty, but when it's nice out, they'll play out there as well.

We are closed during 11:30am - 2:30pm in order to help out with Dog Walks if necessary. The dogs zonk out around then anyway from playing all morning and they get a much needed rest time.

For new clients, we would need to set up a trial day, where we can watch your dog for any aggression issues as well as see how they do with the rest of the dogs. Also, this gives you a chance to come in and meet us, see where they will be playing if you have not already, and we can answer any questions you may have.

Also, all pets who come in must have a collar with a name tag as well as their rabies vaccination tag, or you could be liable for up to a $250 fine from the City of Chicago.


We offer picking up and taking your pet home services to our clients as well. This is great if you are running late or are out doing errands and can't make it into the store. Advance notice is required in order to correctly plan for it. In order to set this up for you, we would need two sets of spare keys for Wicker Pet to have, in case an emergency should ever arise and we would need to go get your pet. Also, you would need to provide any specific instructions as to how to enter your place, alarm codes, and how you want us leave your pet in the home, in order to stay consistent with any rules you follow.

Pick Ups generally occur between 7-8:30am and Take Home services will occur between 5:30-7pm.
*transportation times may be extended due to weather conditions, service availability and schedule, and emergency situations.