Dog Walking

Dog Walking services are available Monday through Friday - 11am-3pm.

We have three options for walks:

15 Minute Walk /Potty Break - $13 – 1 Dog, $15 – 2 Dogs

*Great for puppies or older dogs who can't hold it as long! You can even set up multiple walks a day if need be.

25 Minute Standard Walk - $15 – 1 Dog, $17 – 2 Dogs

45 Minute "Extended" Walk - $20 – 1 Dog

45 Minute "Extended" Walk - $22 – 2 Dogs

Meet the walker

In order to start becoming a walking client, we request that you set up a walk through period with your walker between 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM on a weekday so you guys can meet, go over any special instructions, and answer any questions you may have. Also, we would need to get two spare set of keys to your place; one for the walker and one for us just in case an emergency happened, as well as the completed application with up to date vaccination records to have on file.

Give us a call and we'd love to set this up for you!

Please note,

Cancellations and Additions must be made by 8:30 am - the day of the change.

Regular fees will apply if cancellations are not made in time. Also, additional scheduling may not be possible after 8:30 am.


The map above shows our available walking area. Click for a larger view.